The Benefits of Document Management

The advent of new technology has done amazing things in aiding businesses become more useful and productive at the office. Day-to-day jobs have been made easier and the level of stress of the office has a whole has lessened due to the usability experienced with utilizing new technologies. When you can apply technologies to certain points in the office, then it would certainly stand to reason that you can apply it to the way you take care of your records as well.

Announcing the Phaser 4622 Printer

Today we’re pleased to announce the arrival of the Phaser 4622 black-and-white printer.

Engineered to deliver heavy-duty, long-term performance for any demanding workgroup, the Phaser 4622 does so at a value price while also helping to further your sustainable-office goals.

Here are just a few of the Phaser 4622 printer’s highlights:

Xerox Delivers New Way for IT Service Providers to Grow and Cultivate Business

NORWALK, Conn. — As IT and document service markets continue to converge, solution providers and managed service providers now have a new way to expand their business and capture additional revenue with Xerox PrintAssist Services.

Xerox Delivers New Ways to Unlock, Protect Enterprise’s Most Important Asset – Information

NORWALK, Conn. — Knowledge capital is the currency of business today, and organizations that leverage their critical information effectively hold a significant competitive advantage. Xerox has responded with new ways for enterprises to assess, protect and leverage their information when and wherever needed – not only to save money, but to ultimately improve client relationships and develop innovative and stronger offerings.

Getting Efficient Together With Print Management

Although more and more things are being done at work without using paper, there's nevertheless a substantial amount of use with regard to printing documents. Getting specified documents to the correct individuals can occasionally only be achieved by printing them out and giving them over in physical form. Many businesses still rely on printing every day, so it is important that those businesses are doing so in an efficient manner. Print management actively works to provide offices with all the correct tools, and then getting them to utilize that equipment effectively.

Xerox’s Newest Press Delivers More Ways to Win with Print

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — As print applications continue to gain traction in today’s digital marketing world, graphic communications providers can answer the call with the new Xerox Versant™ 2100 Press.


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